How do I add signers to a document?

Adding Signers with signaturely is very easy. In this guide, we will explain how the signers work on documents and templates. Here is a step-by-step guide on adding signers: 

1) Create a Template or upload a file. 

2) When you arrive at the “Choose Signers” Section, add the signer information depending on the type of signers: 

Document Signers:

You can add the document signers directly to the document setup. For example, if you selected Me & Others, You would be assigned as the first signer; it won’t be possible to change the order.

Please use the Only other option and your email manually if you want to sign as a second signer. You will have to add the Name and email address if you request the signers with a document. 

Template Signers

You will assign the template signers based on the template; if you want to add more signers, you will need to edit the template manually to apply those changes.

In addition, you will have to add the name and email on the signers’ role when sending a document created with a  template.

3) Click on the checkbox “Custom signing order” to assign a Custom Signing order 

4) Proceed to finish your process to send your document to be signed. 

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