What is the pricing for Signaturely?

Signaturely has three different plans that offer various benefits. 

Free Plan: You will get access to the free plan with your free account; this plan will let you send three signature requests per month (Each Signature request will be counted as soon as the document is sent to the signer).

This plan will work great if you only send less than three documents a month; you will get signed documents with valid signatures at no cost. 

Personal Plan: You can have unlimited signature requests for only $20 a month and access one template, this way, you can send the same document without creating it each time. This plan is best suited for individuals and solo-founders. 

Business Plan: You can have a team set up with unlimited signature requests for all users at $40 a month and unlimited templates. This way, you can have templates for various departments’ document workflow. 

This plan is best suited for individuals who need unlimited templates and Business Owners who could benefit from several documents.

You can save 20% on any Signaturely paid plan with the annual billing option. 

Click here to see the Full Pricing.

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