How do I request signatures in bulk?

We are glad to see that you will use our Bulk send feature; it is helpful to sign the same document by multiple users.

Here is a step-by-step process : 

1) Log in to your Signaturely account.

2) Go to the ‘Sign’ section and click on the ‘bulk send’ option.

Important note: You will have to save a 'single role’ template for bulk sending. Here you can learn how to create templates here.

3) Please choose the Template you’d like to send to the signers. 

4) Upload a CSV file with names and email addresses, and you can invite a group of people to sign at once. 

5) Please add the title and add a message (optional) that you have to share with all the signers who’ll be signing the document. 

6) Select the columns where you have stored your signers' email addresses and names. 

  7) Click “Request Signatures” and wait for your signatures.

You will be able to see the document status in the document section. 

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