How to delete a Signaturely Form?

Sometimes you’ll need to stop receiving requests on a Signaturely Form or need more time to make it live.

Please use this guide to learn how to disable a Signaturely Form.

1) Go to the Form Section on Signaturely. 

2) Select the Form that you want to delete.

3) Click the Delete Button and confirm by clicking Yes, Delete.
Warning: By deleting a Form, you will delete all the submitted documents that The users signed under that form. If you want to delete some of the sent Form requests, you must follow these steps.

1) Go to the Form Section on Signaturely.
2) Click Options>Registered Users3) A window will open with the information of the users that registered on your form.

4) Click on the “Trashcan” of the Signers you want to remove from the form and confirm to delete it.
Warning: By deleting a signer from your form, you will delete the file attached to that user on the specific form, even if The user signed it. We hope that this guide was helpful; click here if you want to learn how to check the status of your documents on Signaturely. 

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