How to Manage your Signaturely Documents?

On Signaturely’s Dashboard, you will have several options to interact with your documents; with this guide, you will learn how to use each of these options properly. 


Preview: The preview option will allow you to see a preview of your file on your browser; you will be able to scroll down and see the audit log as well. 

Move to: These options will let you move the document to another folder.

Share: You will be able to share a link with viewers to download the document-

Edit & Resend: This option will revert the document into a draft, and you will lose all the signatures you recollected on the document.

Send Reminder: You will send a reminder to your signers and continue the signing process.

Activity: You will see the Audit Trail and be able to scroll up to see the document.

Generate Signing Link: You will get a Signing Link to let you know.

Disable Reminders: You will be able to disable the automatic reminders for the selected document; this way, you can disable the reminders if your signers request them. 

Delete: You will be able to delete the documents with this option. (This option is not reversible).

Feel free to click on the links to learn more about the specific action. If you have additional questions, please check out other articles that will help you use Signaturely. 

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