How can I view the audit trail on a signed document?

When Managing Electronic Signatures, It’s essential to have an audit trail to have proof of Signature; This brief guide will show you how to view and download the audit trail from your Signature Requests.

1) Go to the document section

2 Click on the Options menu and Select Activity

You will be able to see the following actions on the Audit Trail:

  • The Document Creation date
  • The Signature Request date
  • The Document Views dates
  • The New Signature date.
  • The Document Completion date.

3A) If you created a Document with an Independent Audit Trail, You will be able to download the audit trail from the following button.

3B) The merged document will have an attached audit trail; you will be able to download the complete file from the following button.

4) Save and Backup your audit trail, this way, you can have access to it in the future. We hope that this brief guide was helpful for you!

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