How do I request signatures in bulk?

Need the same document signed by a number of people in bulk? Request signatures in bulk and save time! Here’s how it works: 

Step 1 - Login to your Signaturely account.

Step 2 - Go to the ‘Sign’ section and click on the ‘bulk send’ option. Note that you will have to save a 'single-role' template first to use for bulk sending.

Step 3 - Choose the Template you’d like to send to the signers or quickly create a new one. Creating a template saves a lot of time, and you can easily send it to newer signers for their signature. Note that for Bulk Send you can only use 'single-role' templates.

Step 4 - Identify and add the people who need to sign this document. Just upload a CSV file with names and email addresses, and you can invite a group of people to sign at once. 

Step 5 - Name the document and add any message (optional) you have for the people who’ll be signing the document. 

Step 6 - Now, select the columns you want to be filled in, such as signature, initials, or date. Your signees can add text or fill in checkboxes along with their signature. Before you send the document for e-signing, remember to assign them at least one field in the document. Let’s see how to add the fields:

Adding a signature field 

To add a signature, click on the document and you’ll see Signaturely automatically create an e-signature for you. 

Want to create a custom signature? Just click on the small checkbox and you can do that easily by typing, drawing or uploading an image.

Adding an Initial

Once you click on the ‘Initial’ tab on the left and then on the document, Signaturely automatically generates an initial for you. 

Adding the date

To add the date, first click on the ‘Date’ tab on the left side and then click on the document. Once you do this, a date field appears on the document. Just drag and drop it anywhere you want it in the document. You can resize it and customize the font type.

Adding text to the document

Adding custom text to any document is very simple! To do this, click on the ‘Text’ tab on the left side and you’ll see a textbox appear on the document. Type in your content and then drag and drop the text box anywhere you want it.

Adding a checkbox

Want to add small checkboxes in the document? In the left menu, click on the checkbox and then click the place in the agreement where you’d like the checkbox to be present. And it appears!

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