How to share a document with your team on Signaturely?

Using folders on Signaturely is a great way to keep track of the documents created by different users. Here are other ways to share the documents with your Signaturely Team. 

Keep the documents in the Document Section.

1) Create a Document and get it signed with Signaturely

2) The document will be saved on the Document section of your Signaturely account

3) The documents stored in the General Document Section will be shared with all the users on the team. If you want to make those documents private add them to a folder. 

If you are a user, You will be the only one to access the documents on folders. 

Share a Folder with Specific users.

1) Create a folder on Signaturely

2) Click on the Options menu for that folder

3) Select Change Permissions

4) Uncheck the Boxes of the users that won’t need access to that folder

5) Click “Update Permissions,” and you will be ready to go. 

We are glad that you know how to manage your team files with your Signaturely account.

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