How to sign a document with Signaturely?

We are glad to see that you want to save time by signing documents with Signaturely. This guide will help you to sign your document step-by-step.

1) Please press “Review & Sign” on the email you got from Signaturely.  

2) Read the document on the web preview. 

3) Press Start Signing and fill the fields. Here is the list of possible fields that you will find when signing.

a) Textbox: Write the requested information on it.

b) Checkbox: Click to check/uncheck

c) Initials: (Click to add or create the Initials with the Signature)

d) Signature: (Press to sign/ Create Signature and Sign)Note: Fields with a red “*” will be required to complete the document. 

4) When you have finished filling and signing all the fields on the document, click on the Submit Button. 

5) Agree to the “Terms & Conditions” and verify that the document has been submitted.

6) You should see a confirmation email after you successfully signed your document

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