How to share a document with a viewer?

Using Electronic Signatures to get your documents Signed will let you get instant access to your signed copy. Sometimes, you will want to share the signed file with other viewers as soon as possible. 

This brief guide will teach you how to share a completed file with your signers.
Option 1: When Preparing the File
1) Prepare a Document for Signing
2) Scroll down at the bottom, and you will see the Add Viewers button below the Blue Button.
3) Click on Recipients and add the email address of the viewer
4) Send your Signature Request
Note: The viewer will get the email to download the completed file when all signers sign the document
Option 2: From the activity menu
1) Go to the Document Section on your Signaturely account.
2) Select a Signature Request that has been sent.
3) Open the Options Menu and Click “Share” 
4) On the Share window, you can add the email address of your viewer or copy the link to share the download link on another platform. 
Note: The viewers will download the empty or the completed document with this option.
We hope that this information was helpful for you; remember that the viewers will be able to download the files, and the system only tracks the signers' actions. 

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