How do I assign a custom signing order?

The custom signer option is excellent if several parties add information and sign the document; then, the following signer will verify and see the information before signing.

Assigning a custom signing order is easy! Follow these steps to get it ready. 

1) Create a Template or upload a file

2) When you arrive at the “Choose Signers” Section, add the signer information (Name and Email for documents). 

3) Click on the checkbox “Custom signing order” to assign a Custom Signing order 

4) Drag and Arrange the order of the signers as you need it. Note: You will always be the first signer if you select the Me & Others option; if you need to assign yourself as a second or lower signer, Please us the only other and add your information manually. 

5) Edit your document with the fields required and assign them correctly 

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