How do I create a template on Signaturely?

We are glad to see that you want to save time using our template feature. This guide will help you create a template for an NDA agreement that you can use multiple times. Here is the step-by-step guide to help you get started.

1) Please go to the template section on the app.

2) Click on “ Create Template.” 

3) Assign a Name of the Template and Add a Message for your signers (The message is optional)

4) Add the roles to the Template. 

  • You can assign as many roles on a template as you need.
  • You can assign a Custom Signing order (This way, the signers can see how other parties submitted the contract)
  • Remember that if you want to use a template with the bulk send feature, you will need to assign only 1 Signer to the document.

5) Upload the document that you want to use on your Template.

  • Signaturely Supports PDF and Docx formats.
  • You can upload your documents from one of our integrations.

6) Click “Fill Out & Sign” and add the fields required on the Template.

7) When you finish adding your fields click create.

8) Verify that your Template is visible on the template section.
Click here to learn how to send a Template.

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