How to join a Signaturely team account?

It’s great to see that you will be joining to Signaturely team to get all your signatures.

Important note: If you want to join a team account, you will need to use an email address not linked to a Signaturely account; please use this guide to delete the account if you want to use an email account that is already in use. (Remember that deleting an account will delete all the templates and document that you have on the account)

1) Go to the inbox from the email account that you will use for the Signaturely account. 

2) Please open the team invitation for Signaturely

3) Click on “Accept Invitation” to join the team. (You will be automatically logged in, If you want to log in from another device, the default platform will be attached to the invitation email). 

4) Please go to the profile settings and set up your profile.

5. Enjoy all the benefits from your Signaturely account and get your signatures signed very quickly. 

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