How do I send a template for signature?

Sending a template for signature is super simple! Here’s how you can do this in less than 2 minutes with the following steps:

1) Log in to your Signaturely account and create a template.

2) Go to the ‘Sign’ section

3) Select who needs to sign; you will have these 3 Options:

  • Only Me: You will be able to fill and sign a document that you can share for it to be viewed.
  • Me & Others: You will be able to get a document signed by you and others. (You always will be the first to sign the document). 
  • Only Others: You can send the document to be signed by only others.

4) Scroll Down and select the template that you want to send.

5) Edit the document title and Add a Message for your signers (The message is optional)

6) Add Signers to the role you want to assign for the template by adding their names and email.

Note: If you need to assign a custom signing order to get your signatures in a specific order, Make sure to create the template with that option enabled. 

7) Click “Send-Document” and wait for your signatures.

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