How to create a signing link?

We have implemented a new feature to get a Signing link from the documents you send. This option could be handy if you need to:

  • Send a signing link for another Messaging system.
  • The email client from your client is not working as expected.
  • The Signaturely emails are not arriving.
  • You need to send the signing link to another email after You created the request. 

Please follow these steps to send a link to get a signature.

1) Send a Document for Signature  

2) Then go to the Documents Section and select Awaiting for Signature.3) Click on the Options Menu for the desired document and select Generate Signing Link.

4) Get the Signing Link of the signer and copy it on your Clipboard

5) Share the link with your signer to get the Signature.

Important Note: The email you used to send the document will be linked to the document. All notifications from the document will arrive in behave of the email registered on the document. 

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