How do I add fields on Signaturely?

We are glad to see that you will send a document with Signaturely. In this article, you will learn how to add those fields.

When you are ready to add the fields above to a document, follow these steps:

1) Create a Template or Upload a Document to be signed. (The document editor will work the same for templates and documents, the only difference is that the template will be stored and that the document will be sent). 

2) Click the blue button at the bottom to open the editor

3) Drag and Drop the fields from the right menu on the document. (Also, You can select the field and click on the document to add a field).

  • When selecting a field on the document, You will get the details at the bottom right of the document editor. You will assign the signer on the dropdown and mark it as required on the checkbox.  
  • You have the option to Copy and Paste fields at the top of the editor.

4) Make sure that all the fields are assigned to the correct signer. Each signer will have a different field color on the document; make sure to verify all your pages on the left. 

5) Click on the blue button on the left corner at the top to finish editing your document. (You will save the template if you edit the template and send the document if you edit a document). 

Please make sure to visit our other guides to send a document to be signed or create a template that you can use multiple times. 

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